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custom car Wraps

Don't repaint It, wrap It!

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High Definition Gloss Vinyl Wrap

New gloss HD colors that give your vehicle a solid and shiny finish. Smooth one without any orange peel.  With a collection of 36 colors, this series stands for different spirits and emotions.

matte black.jpg

Matte Vinyl Wrap

When speaking of head-turning vehicle wraps, a matte film should be one of the must-choose materials. Fashionistas love how it creates a unique and subtle look for their cars.

jet black chrome.jpg

Reflective Chrome Vinyl Wrap

Among all types of vehicle wraps, chrome vinyl is exceptional. Who doesn’t love to wrap their cars with a cool-looking film with glorious visual effects or reflect the beauty around them?

color change wrap.jpg

Color Shifting Vinyl Wrap

With stunning visual effects, color shift vehicle wrap offers an excellent opportunity to stand out. A journey will never become dull when you ride with a wrapped car that constantly changes its appearance.  With a collection of five stunning colors, TeckWrap offers you this series of color shifting vinyl wrap (Rainbow Drift), which gives your vehicle a unique, stylish finish.

satin wrap.jpg

Satin Vinyl Wrap

To make your ride the attention on the road, matte and satin metallic vinyl wrap are excellent choices. It has a uniquely subtle look with an eye-catching metallic sheen that car fanatics are crazy about.
Combined with gorgeous colors, it becomes a flavorful head-turner.

Structure wrap.jpg

Carbon Vinyl Wrap

Many car lovers wrap it to create a unique and head-turning look. In that case, the structure of the vinyl film is something you cannot miss. With a textured surface, a vehicle wrap made with a basic structure reflects a unique sheen out of the three-dimensional effect, which makes it utterly distinctive from other types of materials.

Car Wrapping Vs. Car Painting: Which Option Is Right For You?

Car wrap cost and color availability make car wrapping the best choice


As a proud car owner, you want your vehicle to represent your taste and personal style.  Though factory models might come loaded with lots of tech features – cameras, automatic functions, keyless entry – the colors are limited.  And it’s the color that really shows off your style; it’s also the first thing everyone sees when you drive by.  If you want a color that’s truly stunning, you have two options – car wrapping or a new paint job.  When making your choice, you want the option that’s most affordable and offers the widest selection of colors.  That choice is car wrapping.

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