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  • Do you offer ceramic coatings?
    Yes we do. We offer vehicle and marine grade ceramic from Ceramic Pro. Coating your vehicle or boat in ceramic requires our five step process. When it is applied, your vehicle or boat will have a "candy-like" finish that will last for years. We offer 6 month, 2 year, 5 year, and lifetime finishes.
  • What is the benefit of a Ceramic Coating?
    Benefits of Ceramic Coating Cars Ceramic Coatings add a protective layer of protection to your vehicles paint while distinctively enhancing your vehicles appearance. Ceramic Coatings give your vehicle a deep, glossy appearance that is easy to maintain, sheets water, eliminates paint contamination and protection against water, chemicals, UV rays, and scratches. ​ Water: Ceramic Coatings are hydrophobic which sheet water and bead instead of leaving water spots created minerals that cause paint etching. ​ Chemicals: Chemicals found in bird droppings, cleaners, gasoline, oil, road grime, and other environmental conditions are highly damaging to paint. Ceramic Coating protects your vehicles paint from these environmental hazards and keeps your vehicle looking new. ​ Scratches: Ceramic Coatings are scratch resistant protecting your vehicle from minor abrasion caused by automatic car washes, rock chips, people passing by, bags of groceries, and other minor abrasives. ​ UV Rays: Ceramic coatings protect against UV rays from the sun that can oxidize, fade, and corrode your vehicles paint and clear coat finish keeping it looking younger longer. Benefits of Ceramic Coating Boats ​ Ceramic coating your boat’s gel coat with marine grade ceramic provides and high gloss finish that exceeds the waxed quality of your boats gelcoat which means your boat will be glossier than the day you purchased it. ​ Durability: Marine grade ceramic coatings are the most durable coating for your boat; they cannot be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards. Versatility: Ceramic Pro marine grade coating is the most versatile coating available. Due to its wide range of use, every surface on your boat can be protected. ​ Marine grade ceramic coatings improve the performance of your boat while protecting the gel-coat and other surfaces from the elements. Our professional grade ceramic coating cannot be compared to any coating on the market. Once we apply the ceramic to the surface of your boat, it will eliminate the need for waxes, sealants, and other off the shelf protective products. Our professional marine grade ceramic coating is a clear, non-yellowing coating that cures to a flexible glass shield that bonds and protects your boats surface. Ceramic Pro Marine Grade cannot be chemically removed by acids or detergents providing your boat with years of protection against the suns UV rays.
  • What is the difference in ceramic coatings and graphene coatings?
    Ceramic coatings have been around since 2004 and have years of proven excellence. Graphene is not ceramic and it has a graphite additive. Studies are showing the graphite does not remain suspended in the solution and does not appear to contribute anything additional.
  • What is the process to detail a car?
    We look at your vehicle and determine what process and products will be required to provide the highest level of gloss. For cars: we begin the induction process by washing the vehicle with a wax remover, then we clay bar the paint. We wash the vehicle again and blow the water off of the vehicle with a blower, then pull the vehicle into our facility for polishing. We use several types of compounds and polishes under corrected lighting to remove scratches and swirl marks. If we are applying ceramic, we wipe the car with vehicle safe cleaners to remove any oil and finger prints. We are constantly refining the finish to be as perfect as possible before we apply the ceramic. After the ceramic is applied, we level and and review each section as we go for the most perfect application under our high intensity lighting. The vehicle stays in our secure facility overnight and is rechecked before delivery to you.
  • I had my boat detailed by another company several months ago and the oxidation returned, why did this happen?"
    Unfortunately, many companies send their detailers out without first discussing your boat. Those detailers show up and use "cleaner waxes" on your boat which does nothing to remove oxidation, it simply penetrates with the carnuba wax and petrolium. After a few weeks, the sun and heat deteriates the wax and the oxidation returns. We offer several packages. If your boat does not need oxidation removal, we can wash and wax. However, we often find boats need our two or three step process wihich requires compounding, or possible wet sanding following by sealants. We offer waxes, sealants,, and Ceramic finishes.
  • What is the difference between a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer and a company that offers Ceramic Pro?
    Simply stated... We are just really good. We are CERTIFIED, undergo lots of training, have proven success, have a long list of delighted customers, and are very corporate in our thinking, training, and mission. Other dealers do not have the intense training and product offerings as we do.
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