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Clear Bra Kavaca Paint Protection Film

The Advantages of Applying PPF on a New Car

If you’re going to invest in a paint protection film to keep your new vehicle’s paintjob and other parts in mint condition, there are several advantages to consider.


Produces an enhanced finish. While some PPF’s might improve the shine of your vehicle, Ceramic Pro Kavaca is available in a gloss or matte finish. In fact, if you have a high gloss paintjob, you can apply Kavaca Matte – to instantly create a brilliant and customized exterior look and appeal.


Reduced orange peel and lack of glue marks. It’s common for some paint protection films to leave glue marks after the installation. Kavaca’s proprietary adhesive does not leave these marks or creates an orange peel finish.


Superior protection against chemicals and corrosion. Kavaca instant healing protective films are infused with four layers of material, each of them providing roadblocks for harmful contaminants or chemicals to penetrate. It also provides superior stain resistance and reduces paint damage due to stone chips.


Instant healing of minor scratches... Most of the top brands of car paint protection have self-healing properties. This means, that minor scratches can be fixed by a detailer, simply by applying direct heat – or with a blowing heat gun. Kavaca is the ONLY Instant Healing PPF on the market today. It uses nano technology to fill minor scratches within a few seconds.


High temperature resistance. This same nano-tech helps to provide a heat shield, which blocks UV and IR radiation from penetrating to the vehicles surface materials. This unique feature keeps headlights from fogging or fading, which maintains your on-road visibility. 

Why Vehicle Owners Love KAVACA Automotive Paint Protection Film

  • Helps to protect the vehicle’s paint and other materials from road debris – with extreme gloss or a rich matte finish.

  • Can be applied as a front bumper package, clear bra, full front, or entire vehicle clear paint protection film.

  • Up to a 12 Year Limited Warranty – Highest Among Protective Film

  • Superior Scratch Resistance for the Painted Surface, the hood, fender, side view mirrors, headlights, and more.

  • Exceptional clarity. Bonds directly to the clear coat of factory paint and helps to reduce swirl marks better than other paint protection films.

  • Excellent protection on automotive paint against bug splatter, stone chips, stain resistance, salt, road grime, and ice or snow.

For added protection, KAVACA Paint Protection Film can be topped with a custom formulated Ceramic Pro 9H Vinyl and PPF nano ceramic coating. The combination of two of the most advanced surface protection products results in an impressive cosmetic effect, improved overall protection of the surface and the ultimate shield of protection.

You owe it to yourself and your car to choose KAVACA Paint Protection Film. Ask for it by name.

Introducing Ceramic Pro ULTIMATE ARMOR Package
Protect your vehicle for a LIFETIME

Includes... Full Front PPF / Gold Package / Wheel Package / Glass Package

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