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Protect Your Vehicle and STOP Waxing with our 5 Year Graphene Coating Installed for ONLY $799

Includes vehicle hand wash, clay bar, paint correction, fine scratch removal, paint preparation, and 5 year coating 

What is a graphene coating?

The slickness and shine of graphene coatings is extremely high making it one of the best coatings available for vehicles, boats, and RV’s.  Both ceramic and grapheme coating utilize similar nano-technology the end result is significantly different.  While both treatments offer protection against the sun’s UV rays, dust, dirt, water, chemical, and other elements that can damage your vehicles surface, graphene has the advantage of being the strongest material on Earth; it is also the thinnest having a one-atom thick structure.  Since the coating is stronger and thinner than ceramic coatings, it bonds more efficiently to any vehicles surface.  Graphene coatings are extremely flexible, heat resilient, and are more dust repellent than ceramic coatings.

Graphene Coatings are Ideal for Boats, Cars, and RV's

  • Water spot resistant

  • Reduces heat on car paint and other surfaces

  • High water contact angle

  • Its inherent properties make it anti-static

  • Highly flexible due to its one-atom composition

  • Unbeatable tensile strength

  • 10H strength making it one of the strongest materials on Earth

  • Micron to Micron is stronger than steel

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